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7 Sails Management is a talent management company based in LA that represents a diverse range of talent in the Entertainment business. Our focus is in Film, Television, New Media, Theater and Music. We represent Actors, singers, songwriters, VO Talent and models. Developing talent in each stage on their journey and Celebrities building their tiers.  We guide you on how to build relationships, maintain and open new avenues of opportunities for our Talent. For Casting professionals, Producers and Directors; we aim to bring you talent that best fits your unique needs.

Quality, reputation and integrity are at our core.


With over 15 years in Talent Management, we have navigated our talent, built their packages, branding, implemented creative strategies to enable them to sail on smoother waters toward their goals. We are a full member of the Talent Manager’s Association. Served on the Board of Directors for 3 years and are dedicated to supporting our fellow managers, agents, casting, producers etc in reaching the most success in all that they strive for. Movement and Progression are essential steps for talent in the entertainment business. Branding, Marketing and online presence commands a solid team “ship” for our clients. Our drive, commitment to excellence and focus is the “wind” for our Sails (Talent) to help them reach their dream destinations.

Whether you are a working actor/singer, a celebrity or brand new to this business, we strive to assist you in reaching your goals. We are your boat for your "sail" and we do our best to help our sails reach your dream destination!  #Sailstoyourdreams! #DreamSailing #DropAnchor #BreakAnAnchor


We are featured in Call Sheet, Backstage, Talent Manager's Association website, Variety, Children In Film.

We are based in LA, CA and do have  a satellite office in NYC and represent talent all throughout the USA/Canada and London.




We do offer Consulting and Publicity as additional approaches instead of management. We’ve realized through the years that not everyone wishes to be “managed”. Instead they prefer advice, guidance, help for shorter periods with specific focus to a goal. The Consulting/PR division is called The Anchors Group. We offer a series of plans that give talent a smaller focus to achieve specific target goals they want guidance on without committing to a long term contractual agreement. This provides guidance, expertise to the individual short term goals a talent has and allows for their ship to sail on smoother water while navigating to the destination. Strengthening tools, inspiring and empowering them to be able to reach their short term aspirations.







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